Equipment Service
We service all brands of scuba regulators and BCs that are supported by their respecitve manufacturer.  Service for regulators typically takes 2-3 weeeks. Service can be completed sooner for an additional rush fee dependent on the gear. We can also fufill perscription masks, replace dive computer batteries, and service submersible pressure guages (SPGs). 

We provide scuba cylinder services as well. We have fully licensed technicians for visual inspections (VIPs) and Ocleaning. We also complete hydrostatic tests. We are able to do air fills, nitrox, trimix, and 100% O2

Don't wait until the last minute, bring in your regulators for service well ahead of your vacation so you can enjoy them on your trip!


We are distributers for the top brands in the scuba business. Whatever you can't find in our store, we can custom order just for you.
...and many more.