1. R.J. Hartman
    R.J. Hartman
    Instructor Trainer
    R.J. Hartman is the owner of Treasure Cove Divers. He is a Master Instructor as well as an Instructor Trainer
  2. Greg Montalbano
    Greg Montalbano
    Advanced Instructor / Webmaster
    Greg began diving when he was in high school with Treasure Cove and is now one of our most seasoned Instructors.
  3. Shane King
    Shane King
    Instructor / Inside Sales
    Shane works on a regular basis at Treasure Cove and teaches many of the Open Water classes we have to offer.
  4. Jacob Golden
    Jacob Golden
    Sales / Service
    Jacob works part time at Treasure Cove and is regularly helping out to fill tanks and assist with sales.
  5. Dominic Borelli
    Dominic Borelli
    Advanced Instructor / Graphics Design
    Dom is one of our long time instructors and designs the T-shirts for our trips.
  6. McDuff
    Shop Doggy
    McDuff is a gentle Cocker Spaniel. When he is in the shop, make sure to give him an ice-cube and he will be your best friend.